Definition of avgas in English:



  • Aircraft fuel.

    ‘They became the last US Navy Fleet aircraft to utilize avgas and to require bridles for carrier launches.’
    • ‘In the two years to June, the price of avgas, the fuel used by small piston aircraft, increased by 80%.’
    • ‘Typical of the Pacific, not everyone had gotten the message about the lack of avgas, since no NOTAM had been issued.’
    • ‘You could be selecting fuel lines that have just enough avgas left to get a couple hundred feet off the ground before the engine quits.’
    • ‘Other sectors to have suffered include regional tourism with avgas (aviation gas) and avtur fuels costing more than US $100 a barrel.’



/ˈavɡas/ /ˈævɡæs/


1940s from av(iation)+ gas.