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nounplural noun aviaries

  • A large cage, building, or enclosure for keeping birds in.

    ‘Adult captive birds were observed in aviaries and zoos in England, Germany, and the USA.’
    • ‘As ornamental birds in an aviary or large cage setup, this is true.’
    • ‘At the end of the breeding season phase, we removed birds from their home aviaries and conducted a mating competency tournament.’
    • ‘In the current experiments females were in cages or aviaries with males with whom they had not previously bred.’
    • ‘A trial typically started once the experimenter left the aviary and the birds flew down from their perches onto the grid.’
    • ‘The night before each trial, birds were captured from aviaries and weighed.’
    • ‘In the two first experiments, the experimental sparrow was placed in an aviary next to a cage containing either a rabbit or a cat.’
    • ‘Ragunan Zoo was forced to close on Sept.19 after 19 birds in its aviary tested positive with avian influenza.’
    • ‘After each trial, lights were used again to entice birds back to the roosting aviary.’
    • ‘Housing for these birds should be an aviary with dimensions of at least 8 feet by 5 feet by 6 feet.’
    • ‘Animal lover Janet has an outdoor aviary with 40 other birds plus three dogs, two cats and fish.’
    • ‘Birds awoke within 3 min and were placed into small recovery cages before being released into their housing aviaries.’
    • ‘Only birds kept in sufficiently large aviaries were chosen.’
    • ‘Pain said three aviaries large enough to hold 20 birds of each of the three species are currently being built at the facility.’
    • ‘Birds were kept in large outdoor aviaries, which were opened after a week.’
    • ‘Where else in town do you see Jack Russell dogs playing in a garden filled with colourful sweetpeas or hear the sweet songs of birds perching in the aviary?’
    • ‘The birds in the aviary, not to be left behind, revelled in their own little way in quenching their thirst and conquering the heat.’
    • ‘The rest of the exhibition resembled a garden aviary of brightly colored birds.’
    • ‘That was until someone has deliberately let the birds out of their aviary.’
    • ‘His neighbour in turn fired off a complaint to the council about the noise made by the large collection of birds in his aviary.’
    pen, run, cage, hutch, enclosure, pound, lock-up



/ˈāvēˌerē/ /ˈeɪviˌɛri/


Late 16th century from Latin aviarium, from avis ‘bird’.