Definition of aviator glasses in English:

aviator glasses


  • A style of sunglasses with thin wire frames and large lenses.

    ‘The other one was Jeffrey, a short pudgy guy with wire framed aviator glasses, bushy eyebrows and a penchant for wearing flip flops even when it was cold out.’
    • ‘We saw a deeply tanned, muscular young man wearing aviator glasses.’
    • ‘An example of metal frame shades are aviator glasses, which are among Spring's Must-Haves, made popular by Ray-Ban.’
    • ‘It makes you wish you'd seen the real Bob Crane at the end, with his smoked aviator glasses, sideburns, stratofortress shirt collar and belted leisure suits.’
    • ‘With his gold-rimmed aviator glasses, gray hair, trim beard and friendly face, he almost looked like Santa Claus.’
    • ‘If Joe Sixpack on the latest cover of Men's Health can't pull them off, I doubt you and your cheap aviator glasses can.’
    • ‘He is incognito, with a blond wig, shaggy mustache and large gold-framed aviator glasses.’
    • ‘The 82-year-old former history professor is an elf-sized fellow with gold-rimmed aviator glasses and a halo of gray hair.’
    • ‘Litter, halternecks, flicked hair, aviator glasses, embroidered denim, lip gloss and even hot pants are the latest trademarks of the Seventies to be enjoying a revival of fortune.’
    • ‘Hardy removed his cloak, putting it in a box behind the seat, pulling out a pair of goggles that reminded Sasha of aviator glasses she had seen in old magazines her father once had.’
    • ‘For the fellas, the most important accessory this season appears to be the aviator glasses.’
    • ‘In the case of a live lineup, this can mean finding six identical pairs of aviator glasses, or six men with a birthmark the shape of Paraguay on their left cheek.’
    • ‘ATP sells products to pilots from its website, including books, videos, aviator glasses and flying accessories.’
    • ‘A pair of shattered aviator glasses were found at the site of a 1968 helicopter crash in Laos.’
    • ‘If you really want to stand out, you can wear a fisherman hat or a glitzy cowboy hat with tinted aviator glasses.’
    • ‘Behind the man who looks like a man who resembles an actor, is a man wearing what is probably the only pair of aviator glasses.’
    • ‘I was feeling sexy despite the facial hair and the super-sized aviator glasses.’
    • ‘In the picture, Ford is dressed in a white turtleneck and a white velvet jacket with huge lapels, and he is wearing aviator glasses.’
    • ‘Aviator shades are still flying high on the fashion scale, so find a pair that suits you best.’
    • ‘Anthony is wearing aviator sunglasses, a sweat band around his arm, and a hooded tank top vest.’