Definition of avicularium in English:


nounplural noun avicularia/-ˈle(ə)rēə/

  • (in some bryozoans) any of a number of modified zooids that take the form of a pair of snapping jaws resembling a bird's head, serving to prevent other organisms from settling on the colony.

    Compare with vibraculum

    ‘Enlarged avicularia on zooids at row bifurcations, on branch margins, and adjacent to ovicells are generally similar to those in M. auriculatum.’
    • ‘Adventitious avicularia and cortical zooidal polymorphs are not apparent.’
    • ‘Several unusual groups have developed a free living life mode, where the colony is physically supported by specialized modules, avicularia supported.’
    • ‘The autozooids are flanked by spines and there are also a few avicularia.’



/əˌvikyəˈlerēəm/ /əˌvɪkjəˈlɛriəm/


Mid 19th century modern Latin, from avicula, diminutive of avis ‘bird’.