Definition of aviculture in English:



  • The breeding and rearing of birds.

    ‘The ability to establish a technique for age estimation in wild birds will provide far-reaching benefits to aviculture, ornithology, and science in general.’
    • ‘It was fitting that an award honoring a superb supporter of aviculture should go to such a superb bird.’
    • ‘Red-winged parrots are best kept in a breeding situation since their numbers in American aviculture are quite small.’
    • ‘Also included are the topics of natural history and aviculture.’
    • ‘Possibly the most visually striking of all of the South American psittacines, the hawk-headed parrot, Deroptyus accipitrinus, is becoming more common in aviculture.’
    • ‘In recent times, the Solomon Island eclectus has become well-known in aviculture.’



/ˈāvəˌkəlCHər/ /ˈeɪvəˌkəltʃər/ /ˈavəˌkəlCHər/ /ˈævəˌkəltʃər/


Late 19th century from Latin avis ‘bird’+ culture.