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‘All other ecological attributes of the Amboseli avifaunal remains are affected to some extent by this size bias, in that attributes of larger species tend to dominate results for diet, habitat, and social structure.’
  • ‘In this paper, we examine the taphonomy of a modern avian bone assemblage and test the relationship between ecological data based on avifaunal skeletal remains and known ecological attributes of a living bird community.’
  • ‘Thus, although we have made a case for a general level of ecological fidelity in the small Amboseli avifaunal sample, it is clear that such samples can easily omit species that bear important ecological information.’
  • ‘The results of this study indicate that fossil avifaunal remains deserve more serious attention as a source of information about taphonomy and paleoecology.’
  • ‘Some changes in avifaunal composition and distribution in Switzerland, reflecting recent trends in distribution of birds in central Europe, are notable.’