Definition of avitaminosis in English:


nounplural noun avitaminoses/-sēz/

  • A condition resulting from a deficiency of one or more particular vitamins.

    ‘His first report describing the structure and development of the pineal gland was followed by reports on the neuropathology of avitaminosis, lead poisoning, and the structure and concentration of microglia.’
    • ‘In lesser-developed countries, avitaminosis A is correlated to increased mortality.’
    • ‘Symptoms of avitaminosis include tiredness, muscular weakness, lack of appetite, skin spots, bad breath, insomnia, irritability, nausea, depression and headache.’
    • ‘The circle would close this way: avitaminosis that is a consequence of poverty cannot be removed with ‘golden rice’ because poverty hinders its utilization.’



/āˌvīdəməˈnōsəs/ /eɪˌvaɪdəməˈnoʊsəs/