Definition of avocational in English:


Pronunciation /-SHənl/



See avocation

‘But for many others who delve into the vast realm of history in the public domain, whether avocational historians or full-time promoters of a particular historical vision, these imperatives are not so clear.’
  • ‘Also, I noted that many of these individuals were lonely, isolated, unoccupied in either vocational or avocational ways, and were established in daily habits that marked them as mentally ill.’
  • ‘Factors that determined whether lifestyle was controllable were the number of practice hours per week, the number of call nights, and the time for pursuit of avocational activities.’
  • ‘Men with avocational interests in military affairs organized uniformed militia units, voluntarily meeting to train and purchasing their own uniforms.’
  • ‘Historical writings by vocational as well as avocational historians are rife with such writing, usually for the purpose of furthering the writer's agenda.’