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‘No, this was a silent mutiny, a mutiny of the heart, and paradoxically, though it was never intended - but, perhaps, a kind of Karma - an avouchment of support for him.’
  • ‘All these forms of avouchment will be more fully explained later in this guide, as they apply to the jurisdictions wherein they are used.’
  • ‘Under no circumstances whatever should ‘A’ ever accept an avouchment from ‘B’ as to ‘C,’ unless all three be present together.’
  • ‘This avouchment is made to the Tyler, who will cause you to sign the register, to which will be appended the name of the member who is making the avouchment.’
  • ‘After signing up with the required avouchments and paying the $75 initial registration fee, reserve a car for 1 hour or more, and pay $6.00 / hour plus $.50 / mile.’



/əˈvouCHmənt/ /əˈvaʊtʃmənt/