Definition of avunculate in English:



  • the avunculateThe special relationship in some societies between a man and his sister's son.

    ‘kinship relations such as the avunculate’
    • ‘The Fante also cited the latter proverb to indicate certain limitations placed on the avunculate.’
    • ‘Since every schoolboy since Radcliffe-Brown knows the importance of the avunculate in African society, I simply counted my blessings, figuring that I must actually be ‘doing’ anthropology.’
    • ‘He is currently refining one paper on Anglo-Saxon queenship and another on the avunculate in Beowulf, the latter invited for Philological Quarterly.’
    • ‘However, some questions were still unanswered, since the avunculate is not associated always with either matrilineal or patrilineal systems.’
    • ‘Commentary from 1861 to the present is examined in order to establish that the avunculate does indeed reflect matrilineal kinship structure, which in turn suggests that a full-scale totemic kinship system prevailed in prehistoric Germania.’



/əˈvəNGkyələt/ /əˈvəŋkjələt/ /əˈvəNGkyəˌlāt/ /əˈvəŋkjəˌleɪt/


Early 20th century from Latin avunculus ‘maternal uncle’+ -ate.