Definition of aw in English:


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(also aww)
  • 1Used to express mild protest, entreaty, or sympathy.

    ‘aw, come on, Andy’
    • ‘aww, you poor thing’
    • ‘Aw, please look.’
    • ‘Aw golly gee, mister, what do you think?’
    • ‘Darren looked at his watch: "Aww Dad, it's only 10:00 p.m".’
    • ‘Aww come on, I just wanted to talk.’
    • ‘"Aw, mom, I don't need to know that," grimaces Jimmy.’
    • ‘"Aw, please, Miss, take him back," the shopkeeper said.’
    • ‘Viv, pouted. "Aw! Please can we go!"’
    • ‘Aw, it's not fair, Grenville's mum's letting him stay on.’
  • 2Used to express mild disappointment or self-deprecation.

    ‘aw, it's a shame I can't make it’
    • ‘aww, thanks for the nice comments’
    • ‘He's not in here … Aww.’
    • ‘"Aww - I gotta go," Serenity sighed.’
    • ‘Aw, man, that would have been solid.’
    • ‘Aww, I was going to eat those.’
    • ‘Aw, that's sweet of you to say so.’
    • ‘When we first played we thought, 'aw, we're not doing any particular thing'.’
    • ‘"You were so brave!" "Aw, it was nothing."’
  • 3Used to express pleasure, delight, or affection, especially in response to something regarded as sweet or endearing.

    ‘aww, the kitten is too cute!’
    • ‘aww, are you guys an item?’
    • ‘It was the kind of smile that said, 'aw, how cute'.’
    • ‘Oh it's Justin, aw I love him, he's such a cutie.’
    • ‘"Aww, aren't you two sweet," Sarah said.’
    • ‘Aww, I love her.’
    • ‘Aww, my little Joshy boy is all grown up.’
    • ‘Aww, how cute are you for saying that?’



/ô/ /ɔ/


Natural exclamation: first recorded in American English in the mid 19th century.