Definition of aw-shucks in English:



informal North American
  • Expressing genial self-deprecation or gratified embarrassment.

    • ‘Aw shucks, you're making me blush!’
    • ‘Their self-deprecating wit, aw-shucks harmonies, and obsession with intoxicating spirits bring to mind Texas roots rockers the Gourds.’
    • ‘Between songs you get Chris talking straight to the camera, making goofy self-deprecating jokes in his aw-shucks kind of way.’
    • ‘With a gigantic career based upon an aw-shucks tone of blue collar tales of midwestern values, couldn't one little fling many years ago get absolved after a teary apology?’
    • ‘Guthrie was a middle-class Oklahoman with a calculated aw-shucks cowboy manner, who just happened to be a Communist Party sympathizer and had written for communist newspapers.’
    • ‘Besides being young and quite good-looking in an aw-shucks sort of way, he won election in 2002.’
    • ‘But see the aw-shucks, ‘just plain facts’ tone there?’
    • ‘He explained in his aw-shucks style that he had been ‘asked by a lot of people whether this would affect the election.’’
    • ‘With his phony aw-shucks personality, has won every debate he's been in.’
    • ‘Swaying her hips behind an oversized guitar, she was delightful with her aw-shucks talent.’
    • ‘I hop out of the Humvee with a bowlegged cowboy swagger and a Ronald Reagan aw-shucks grin.’
    • ‘It's not hard to see why; on a superstar-laden $180 million team with a moribund offense, he's the humble, aw-shucks rookie making the minimum and providing the unexpected boost, giving the fans somebody new to root for.’
    • ‘He is tough, a fine leader despite his youth and aw-shucks grin.’
    • ‘In their awkward approaches to the line and aw-shucks attitudes about gutter balls and unmade spares, they represent the complacent, non-competitive face of so many bowlers today.’
    • ‘The story is not only poorly done, but in its aw-shucks, nostalgic tone, seems to violate the unsettling, violent spirit of the movie that these extras are supposedly helping us to understand.’
    • ‘Anyone who knew him will remember that he always wore a smile and had aw-shucks, down-to-earth personality that masked one of the finest competitors and clutch performers the game has ever seen.’
    • ‘Even straight men, so often skittish and easily threatened, found his aw-shucks persona and mildly sarcastic, I'm-in-on-the-joke attitude congenial.’
    • ‘He adds a characteristically aw-shucks postscript: ‘I have no way of justifying what I do, no temporal defence at all.’’
    • ‘With his gosh-darned, aw-shucks demeanor and disarming smile, he is able to insult entire ethnic groups without even realizing he's doing it.’
    • ‘Andrew is refined and Jake has an aw-shucks, country charm.’
    • ‘That's been the knock on Hill throughout his aw-shucks career.’


informal North American attributive
  • (of a personal quality or manner) self-deprecating and shy.

    • ‘his aw-shucks niceness disguised his conniving nature’


Late 19th century from aw + shucks (see shuck).