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  • 1Knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.

    ‘we need to raise public awareness of the issue’
    • ‘there is a lack of awareness of the risks’
    • ‘Like her male counterpart, she always seems to have an affecting awareness of her sidekick status.’
    • ‘The body is an organism with an intense awareness of itself.’
    • ‘Let your morality come out of your own awareness rather than out of conditioning.’
    • ‘In further opposition to the posthuman discourse, Richard also comes to the awareness of the importance of the complex space of the body.’
    • ‘Learn to change your state of mind in meditation, turning awareness within to your spiritual nature, the radiance within you.’
    • ‘The awareness of death is an invisible attractor that draws me to what is important in my life.’
    • ‘At the same time, a number of authors suggest that vulnerability to vicarious traumatization arises through that very experience of awareness.’
    • ‘He has the qualifications, reputation and awareness of what should, and should not, be.’
    • ‘Therapists help children develop self-esteem and awareness, improve their social skills and gain confidence through painting, drawing and self-expression.’
    • ‘And just as individuals can be depressed, so can whole families, often without their awareness.’
    • ‘The principal requirements for achieving network-centric warfare are a network and shared awareness.’
    • ‘Perhaps they are hiding their light under a bushel, since there is such minimal evidence of awareness in the wild.’
    • ‘Changes to pension schemes are very damaging for staff morale and given much greater employer awareness, could also lead to deteriorating industrial relations.’
    • ‘That is not directly addressed in the bill, and I hope the Minister has some awareness of it.’
    • ‘Spirituality is about growing in awareness.’
    • ‘Dave agreed the experience had made him want to promote awareness of the cancer.’
    • ‘Needless to say, I have a great awareness of the walking wounded.’
    • ‘Tell me about your first awareness of the Lazarus story.’
    • ‘Once the initial awareness of nakedness had been absorbed, the mind settles down serenely to watch the dance.’
    • ‘That can be settled, I shall say, only by the awareness of God.’
    consciousness, recognition, realization, cognizance, perception, apprehension, understanding, grasp, appreciation
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    1. 1.1Concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation or development.
      ‘a growing environmental awareness’
      • ‘his political awareness developed’
      • ‘Underpinning this year's congress was a strong current of environmental awareness.’
      • ‘Increased levels of youth awareness about where to get contraception.’
      • ‘A bolton charity is trying to raise awareness of age discrimination - using its own specially trained team of older people.’
      • ‘He is ceaselessly trying to spread awareness amongst the addicted against the hazards of different addictions.’
      • ‘I've seen more awareness of the outside world, more awareness of Third World issue.’
      • ‘Taylor expressed hope that he would bring a new awareness to the board.’
      • ‘Many Savannah State students say an awareness of their heritage is one of the school's biggest selling points.’
      • ‘It also aims to increase public awareness on issues of emotional well-being.’
      • ‘On the one hand, awareness of the diversity of humanity could pose challenges to European self-confidence.’
      • ‘People's awareness of condoms is also weak.’
      • ‘The Group Award is presented in five categories: excellence in development, product quality, logistics, entrepreneurial performance and environmental awareness.’
      • ‘The event focused not only on fundraising, but also on raising awareness about youth leadership and getting youth involved with non-governmental organisations.’
      • ‘It is an awareness that translates into recycling projects.’
      • ‘Methodist Hospital had a court-mandated adult alcohol awareness program.’
      • ‘The collective salvation of our civilisation requires the inner transformation of every individual from the ignorance of materialism and individualism to the Gnosis of collective spiritual awareness.’
      • ‘The groups, however, are important for increasing both patient education and awareness of global issues affecting treatment.’
      • ‘The alliance has also reached out to women workers and students, to raise awareness about women's rights under the new labour law.’
      • ‘Reagan campaigned for skin cancer awareness.’
      • ‘The key is to increase awareness.’



/əˈwernəs/ /əˈwɛrnəs/