Definition of away message in English:

away message


  • A message indicating that someone is unavailable, especially on an instant messaging service.

    ‘Once they are wired into a college's Internet, away from parental controls, young people often step up their use of away messages, changing them three, four, even 25 or 30 times a day.’
    • ‘If the phone was busy, and an away message was up, he would keep IMing her.’
    • ‘It's great, except it seems to have a mind of its own at times (rapidly changing away messages, person-specific announcements going off at odd times, etc.).’
    • ‘For instance, users can set options such as away messages, idle timeouts, create macros, enable mail checks (for local users) and much more.’
    • ‘No, if I'm online, check out my away messages.’
    • ‘My away messages are written in foreign languages.’
    • ‘I was bombarded with IM's for a minute, until I put up away messages.’
    • ‘Heather turned back to the screen, typed ‘ditto’ and then put up away messages.’
    • ‘As soon as Colin had signed off, Jesse put up an away message that said, ‘Do you love me like I love you?’’
    • ‘I clicked over to my buddy list and read her away message: ‘Destroying my teddy bear; he doesn't love me.’’
    • ‘No one else on worth talking to, so I put up my away message that I had been using all week which had been the invitation sent out to everyone we knew earlier in the week.’
    • ‘She was away, so I just put up my away message, too.’
    • ‘I went online and he had an away message up that said simply, ‘out’.’
    • ‘People make the away message do all sorts of things that it wasn't designed for because we would like to hang all sorts of self-identity attributes off it.’
    • ‘I put up an away message and found my way to the couch.’
    • ‘I click on my AOL away message to make it clear to people I'm back.’
    • ‘I put on my away message and walked to my closet to pack.’
    • ‘Before I could put an away message up, James Instant Messaged me.’
    • ‘I ignored Adam's away message because I knew that in his case, when his message was on he was usually online but not in a talkative mood.’
    • ‘I clicked ‘Return’ on my away message window and waited for someone to get online.’