Definition of awesomeness in English:



  • 1The quality of being extremely impressive or daunting.

    ‘the Hubble telescope presents the mind-blowing awesomeness of the universe’
    • ‘I can't imagine its awesomeness at sunset’
    • ‘We drift past silently, struck by the awesomeness of a whole flock of these huge birds.’
    • ‘I was overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the landscape.’
    • ‘The awesomeness of life is without end.’
    • ‘Why can't we sit and watch a flower grow over time and discuss the awesomeness of nature all around us?’
    • ‘How can we acknowledge the majesty and awesomeness of God with our nose stuck in a hymn book or liturgical program?’
    • ‘We all have moments of being struck by the awesomeness of life - whether the birth of a baby, a piece of majestic music, or a breathtaking sunset.’
    • ‘Thomas' sense of the world was one in which the awesomeness of the universe seemed to override its suffering and horror.’
    • ‘I have always loved documenting the beauty and awesomeness of nature.’
    • ‘This image alone speaks of the awesome­ness, the drama and the surprise that the ocean still delivers.’
    • ‘He assures us that the awesomeness of God's love is unstoppable.’
    1. 1.1 informal The quality of being extremely good; excellence.
      • ‘it's nice to have such an abundance of sci-fi awesomeness available at once’
      • ‘The sheer awesomeness of my apparel seemed to catch them off guard.’
      • ‘You are awesomeness personified.’
      • ‘If there were a prize for utter awesomeness I'd give it to you.’
      • ‘He seems totally comfortable being confident and speaking publicly about his awesomeness.’
      • ‘We ranked them in order of awesomeness.’
      • ‘Like any smartphone, its awesomeness stems from the fact that its software and hardware are supposed to work together.’
      • ‘You're better off when you're not with people who can't handle your awesomeness.’
      • ‘This is the height of awesomeness to be interviewed by my daughter.’
      • ‘This DVD has awesomeness written all over it.’
      • ‘Don't get me started on the awesomeness of flash fiction.’



/ˈôsəmnəs/ /ˈɔsəmnəs/