Definition of awesomesauce in English:



informal US
  • Extremely good; excellent.

    • ‘the ladies' awesomesauce weekend in Vegas ended prematurely’
    • ‘seeing them perform live was awesomesauce!’
    • ‘awesomesauce, looking forward to it’
    • ‘All of the books kind of melt my brain with their awesomesauce.’
    • ‘In the words of our great friend, Erica, "You're awesomesauce!"’
    • ‘My awesomesauce fiancee will also be going back to school, but in the fall.’
    • ‘I will still need to fill in the edges but it feels pretty awesomesauce to have accomplished this much.’
    • ‘He's a freelance photographer – awesomesauce.’
    • ‘Short week this week, which is awesomesauce.’
    • ‘Met some really nice people, saw some awesomesauce costumes, had waaaay too much sugar and headed home just a bit ago.’
    • ‘The opening credits were totally awesomesauce.’
    • ‘Altogether it's pretty awesomesauce and well worth a rent or a download.’



/ˈôsəmˌsôs/ /ˈɔsəmˌsɔs/


Early 21st century humorous alteration of awesome, on the pattern of weak sauce.