Definition of awful-looking in English:



  • Unpleasant or shocking in appearance.

    ‘a rather awful-looking shopping plaza’
    • ‘Killers From Space, on the other hand, is suitably awful-looking.’
    • ‘But what was the last truly awful-looking car or truck that succeeded?’
    • ‘It's not awful-looking, but I'd say it's a notch or two below par for most television releases of the era.’
    • ‘They were moose-hide, awful-looking things with metal buttons, and came with a weird flat, textured rubber sole material that the maker said was actually conveyor belting that he cut to fit the boots.’
    • ‘The effects of Ware's injury, an awful-looking broken leg suffered while contesting a 3-point shot against Duke, from a psychological standpoint are evident.’
    • ‘If you use it to mange your blog's feed, you can easily turn boring-looking (and possibly awful-looking) email subscription messages into sleek, branded designs.’
    • ‘The open tab thumbnails also fail to render in portrait mode at first, resulting is some awful-looking, blurry images.’
    • ‘I had a huge, awful-looking bathroom once and the minute I removed the giant mirror that was making me see TWO awful bathrooms, the place looked a lot more manageable and I was more easily able to come up with a decorating scheme.’
    • ‘Even the King's guards hesitated before entering the awful-looking place.’
    • ‘One onlooker said: "It was a most awful-looking fall."’