Definition of awfulize in English:


transitive verb

(also British awfulise)
[with object] informal
  • Imagine (a situation) to be as bad as it can possibly be.

    • ‘I awfulized the upcoming confrontation I was planning to have with my boss’
    • ‘If they would not ‘awfulize’ their situation and be challenged to have a more realistic, balanced view of their circumstances, then their mood and behavior may improve.’
    • ‘For example, in demanding perfection you go to one extreme, while in awfulizing you go to the other.’
    • ‘A common awfulizing exaggeration uses the words always or never, incorrectly and inaccurately.’
    • ‘Failures and backsliding are part of learning; don't awfulize and be overly critical of your mistakes.’
    • ‘To awfulize means to describe something as 100% bad - and so far, little has been found to be 100% bad.’
    • ‘Some of the bad ways to discuss problems are to awfulize, trivialize, work it up, or dump.’
    • ‘He awfulized the situation between the Ferdinand and Ophelia, stating that they were ready to kill each other.’
    • ‘So, throughout the day, when you find yourself stuck in awfulizing about the things that seem wrong, remember to say a prayer of gratitude for all the things that are right.’
    • ‘Catastrophizing and awfulizing are common irrational beliefs that cause anxiety.’
    • ‘To negate these feelings, individuals who awfulize must learn to focus on internal feelings and apply logic over emotions.’
    • ‘My usual wish to minimize or awfulize my experience, was kept in check.’
    • ‘And until this becomes a moderated newsgroup, neither you nor anyone else will succeed in kicking me off, no matter how much you villianize and awfulize my attempts to share the Course as I see it.’
    • ‘These techniques enhance one's life force energy for living in the ‘now’ rather than in some awfulized imagined future.’
    • ‘Then, six months later record what the actual outcome was, so you can check the accuracy of your awfulizing or catastrophizing.’
    • ‘Frank's brain awfulized this scenario, believed it to be true, then responded to what his brain made up by not speaking up and telling everyone his great idea.’
    • ‘Ellis demonstrated that depressed people could learn to re - think their tendency to awfulize.’
    • ‘On the other hand, if you successfully combat the first three thinking styles - demandingness, awfulizing, and I can't stand it - you reduce your tendency to condemn and damn.’
    • ‘Can we raise a responsible human being using optimism, joy and good humor without resorting to awfulizing and catastrophizing?’
    • ‘On the other hand, if after being shot our self-talk is irrational, awfulized or way out of proportion to the pain of that shot, the effect is to twist the arrow!’
    • ‘We did Yoga and meditated and spoke honestly to each other and didn't exaggerate or use too many superlatives or minimize or awfulize or secretly despise or withhold or lie.’



/ˈôfəˌlīz/ /ˈɔfəˌlaɪz/