Definition of awhirl in English:



  • In a whirl; whirling.

    ‘her mind was awhirl with images’
    • ‘Iraq is awhirl in rumors.’
    • ‘As we climb back into the air-conditioned truck, my mind is awhirl.’
    • ‘In films she was a creation of lighting and makeup, with enough hints of vulnerability to set imaginations awhirl.’
    • ‘My mind awhirl, I was trying to decide what to do when the communicator scratched again, ‘Sir, we have a call coming in from the Captain of the Appaloosa.’’
    • ‘Both constructions are set awhirl for the finale.’
    • ‘Set positively awhirl by the choreographer, the show opens in overdrive.’
    • ‘The two women raced after the fleeing trio ahead of them, her thoughts too awhirl for her to formulate motion.’
    • ‘My mind was awhirl with duties that needed to be done.’
    • ‘He looked at her, eyes awhirl with emotions and face stonily blank.’
    • ‘I knew that I should be more concerned with my immediate fate at the moment, but my mind was awhirl with other thoughts.’
    • ‘Ezekiel's mind was awhirl with the events of the past couple of hours.’
    • ‘I followed his lead but as I sipped my soup delicately my mind was awhirl with thoughts of Annabelle's new personality.’
    • ‘I kissed his forehead again and left the room, my thoughts awhirl.’
    • ‘He stepped out of the house, his mind awhirl with thoughts of Melissa.’
    • ‘As I soaked in the hot water to wake up, my brain was awhirl in a multitude of thoughts.’
    • ‘His gaze followed the two clubbers as they left the street, his mind sent awhirl by what Fezz had said.’
    • ‘Her mind was awhirl with thoughts, none of them pleasant and all of them directed at Armand.’