Definition of awned in English:




See awn

‘The monosomic F 1 of the cross between monosomic 6B of CS and Norin 26 (awned cultivar) was awned, by which I could correctly capture b2.’
  • ‘The first morphological difference that arises between the lemma primordia of awned and calcaroides genotypes is marked by a change in the overall length of the organ.’
  • ‘In segregating F 2 populations, we registered the number of awned, awnless, and short-awned plants.’
  • ‘WSU reports characteristics as awned with white glumes, excellent winter hardiness, and stiff straw.’
  • ‘The B genes act as awn inhibitors, A acts as awn promotors, b 1 a leads to half awned condition and Hd gives hooded condition.’