Definition of axe murderer in English:

axe murderer


  • A person who commits murder with an axe (frequently used to evoke an image of a violent psychopathic criminal)

    ‘a convicted axe murderer’
    • ‘you could be an axe murderer for all I know!’
    • ‘Make sure you tell a friend where you're going in case this person turns out to be an axe murderer.’
    • ‘Dennis is too busy thanking God we weren't picked up by an axe murderer.’
    • ‘It turns out he's not an axe murderer and is in fact an extremely decent bloke (apart from the snoring).’
    • ‘He and I are both looking at getting somewhere in London, and it would be far better to rent with someone you know than move in with anonymous axe murderers.’
    • ‘When an axe murderer comes at you, it is handy to wield an axe yourself.’
    • ‘Then you just realise, these are nice people, not axe murderers, and if they think you're a stupid jerk, they'll talk about you on the drive home and wouldn't tell you directly.’
    • ‘I openly acknowledge the everyday faith that I rely on to cross the street with the stoplight, to eat food made by unknown hands, or to visit the home of a new friend who may or may not be an axe murderer.’
    • ‘It's easier than slogging up the hill that is Lilyfield Road, and I'd rather take my chances with an escaped insane axe murderer than some of the drivers that howl up and down Lilyfield Road.’
    • ‘An axe murderer has gone on the run from an open prison after he was given leave to work for a charity.’
    • ‘It's a relatively sweet and innocent movie, which is interesting because a few years later movie audiences couldn't go to summer camp without having to watch every character be hacked up by an axe murderer.’