Definition of axillary bud in English:

axillary bud


  • A bud that grows from the axil of a leaf and may develop into a branch or flower cluster.

    Also called lateral bud

    ‘Whereas leaves remain microscopic even when fully developed, each spine cluster is a modified axillary bud, thus indicating the site where a leaf primordium was formed.’
    • ‘If the leaf left behind was developmentally very young, both the axillary bud and roots grew out only on the leaf side.’
    • ‘In most species, removal of the shoot apex allows axillary buds to grow out due to a phenomenon called apical dominance.’
    • ‘In Amaranthus blitoides and A. crispus the main shoot usually begins to branch during seedling development from axillary buds associated with the cotyledons.’
    • ‘Each long shoot extends sympodially, bearing three to seven leaves with axillary buds in alternate phyllotaxis.’