Definition of Axminster in English:


(also Axminster carpet)

Pronunciation /ˈaksˌminstər/ /ˈæksˌmɪnstər/


  • A kind of machine-woven patterned carpet with a cut pile.

    as modifier ‘an Axminster loom’
    • ‘Which kind of puts into perspective his spilling paint over the new Axminster carpet on his previous visit.’
    • ‘Never mind the threat of cholera and typhoid, Mrs Jones at number 47 has had to replace her Axminster!’
    • ‘But this time I'm really worried; I'm not going to get upset about the blood on the Axminster when the rain's still pouring down and the cat isn't back yet.’
    • ‘And you know what curried egg does to a burgundy Axminster.’
    • ‘It has been making carpets, including Axminster, for nearly 100 years.’


Early 19th century named after the town of Axminster in southern England, noted since the 18th century for the production of carpets.