Definition of axolotl in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaksəˌlädl/ /ˈæksəˌlɑdl/


  • A Mexican salamander that in natural conditions retains its aquatic larval form throughout life but is able to breed.

    Ambystoma mexicanum, family Ambystomatidae

    • ‘A number of salamanders, such as the North American ‘mudpuppy’ and the Mexican axolotl, develop legs but retain their larval gills and stay in the water throughout their lifetimes.’
    • ‘Another family, the Ambystomatidae occurs in the New World from Canada to central Mexico and includes the tiger salamander and the axolotl.’
    • ‘Urodele amphibians such as newts and axolotls show a remarkable capacity for regenerating body structures such as tails, limbs, jaws, and the lens of the eye.’
    • ‘The exemplar of salamander paedomorphosis is the Mexican axolotl.’
    • ‘Endogenous retinoids have been detected in regenerating tissues from axolotls, frogs and chicks.’


Late 18th century from Nahuatl, from atl ‘water’ + xolotl ‘servant’.



/ˈaksəˌlädl/ /ˈæksəˌlɑdl/