Definition of axoneme in English:



  • The central strand of a cilium or flagellum. It is composed of an array of microtubules, typically in nine pairs around two single central ones.

    ‘Furthermore, isolated mutant axonemes lacking the central pair or radial spokes can vigorously beat in certain nonphysiological solutions.’
    • ‘There are nine paired microtubules per axoneme, and they are interconnected by dynein molecules, protruding at regular intervals like the legs of a millipede.’
    • ‘It brings us to another question, whether the neck region of a flagellar axoneme with a basal body could make some mechanical hindrance to microtubules sliding.’
    • ‘In most cases, this was confirmed by the observation of the flagellar axoneme in additional serial sections.’
    • ‘These findings demonstrate for the first time that ODA complexes vary in their composition along the respiratory ciliary axoneme and the axoneme of the sperm tail, and that this composition also differs between these two cell types.’



/ˈaksəˌnēm/ /ˈæksəˌnim/


Early 20th century from Greek axōn ‘axis’ + nēma ‘thread’.