Definition of axoplasmic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌaksəˈplazmik/



See axoplasm

‘Previous studies have shown that assessments of dye exclusion can depend upon the electrical charge of the dye and other factors (e.g., axoplasmic outflow at the injury site).’
  • ‘For example, elevation of the axoplasmic concentration of Caz + is necessary for the initiation of vesiculation, leading to axonal repair, and the degradation of axonal proteins, leading to axonal degeneration.’
  • ‘The enzymes are produced in the nerve cell bodies and pass down the axon to the nerve terminals in the so-called axoplasmic flow (they can travel a considerable distance - for example, from the spinal cord to the foot muscles).’
  • ‘These intermediate filaments run in parallel along the axon and occupy a large fraction of the axoplasmic volume.’
  • ‘He made important contributions to the understanding of axoplasmic transport of neurosecretory material.’