Definition of azeotrope in English:



  • A mixture of two liquids which has a constant boiling point and composition throughout distillation.

    ‘Ethyl acetate and ethanol form azeotropes - liquids whose boiling point, and hence composition, does not change as vapour escapes on boiling.’
    • ‘An azeotrope is a mixture with a constant boiling point that cannot be separated by distillation.’
    • ‘The industrial use of azeotropes to distill or purify mixtures of liquids is one of the more important aspects in any distillation process.’
    • ‘Little did these early distillers know that ethyl alcohol and water form a mixture called an azeotrope which cannot be purified past a certain point by traditional distillation methods.’
    • ‘The principal volatile components of wine tend to form azeotropes of two, three, or more components.’



/āˈzēəˌtrōp/ /eɪˈziəˌtroʊp/


Early 20th century from a-‘without’ + Greek zein ‘to boil’ + tropos ‘turning’.