Definition of azeotropic in English:




See azeotrope

‘Azeotropes or azeotropic mixtures occur for a number of important chemical compounds but perhaps the most important is the ethanol-water mixture.’
  • ‘Acetaldehyde, acetic acid, ethyl acetate and the fusel oils all tend to form azeotropic mixtures with the water and ethanol of the wine.’
  • ‘To prevent fraud, chemists measure the moisture content of the spice using azeotropic distillation to detect the possible addition of water, which can be added in an attempt to increase an oil's perceived value.’
  • ‘The samples were refluxed for 24 h in an azeotropic mixture of dichloromethane and methanol.’
  • ‘An azeotropic distillation was used to extract the water.’



/ˌāˌzēəˈträpik/ /ˌeɪˌziəˈtrɑpɪk/