Definition of azide in English:


Pronunciation /ˈāzīd/ /ˈeɪzaɪd/


  • A compound containing the anion N₃⁻ or the group —N₃.

    ‘The most common of these are chemical compounds that contain nitrogen such as azides, nitrates, and other nitrocompounds.’
    • ‘In general, reasonably high molecular weight azides are OK to handle.’
    • ‘This reaction should take place in darkroom conditions to protect the aryl azide from photolysis.’
    • ‘Another anion, azide, is used in the study of bacteriorhodopsin mutants as a substitute for proton donor or acceptor when they are altered in the protein.’
    • ‘Upon replacement of chloride ion with azide, the fast electric signal changes its sign from positive to negative, and becomes similar to that detected in bacteriorhodopsin.’


Early 20th century from azo-+ -ide.