Definition of azimuthal in English:



See azimuth

‘Did you ever stop to consider the interesting problem of shaping the depth of the bath along a radius to allow azimuthal propagating modes?’
  • ‘In theory, an analysis of flow direction can provide unique azimuthal directions.’
  • ‘These results indicate that in the force range 0-20 pN, the changes in azimuthal orientations of the DNA segments are roughly comparable to those for the polar angles.’
  • ‘This is supported by inspection of the heme structures resulting from the MDS, which clearly show that the native model has a larger azimuthal angle.’
  • ‘Third, changes in the azimuthal orientation distribution of the probes around the symmetry axis cannot usually be deduced from steady-state polarized fluorescence measurements.’



/ˌazəˈməTH(ə)l/ /ˌæzəˈməθ(ə)l/