Definition of azine in English:



  • A cyclic organic compound having a ring including one or (usually) more nitrogen atoms.

    ‘These compounds can be prepared from reduction of nitro compounds, by the action of nitric acid on amines, from compounds containing the carbonyl group (azines), and from the salts of hydrazoic acid (azide).’
    • ‘More intriguing is a theoretical paper analyzing medium-dependent photoisomerization of benzaldehyde azine.’
    • ‘NMR spectroscopy is an excellent tool to probe the degree of conjugation through the azine bridge.’
    • ‘The polarizabilities of the azaborinines along with our earlier results for the azoles, oxazoles and azines constitute a uniform quality data set of polarizabilities for 50 heteroaromatic molecules.’
    • ‘This invention relates to a method for preparing symmetrical azines as well as mixtures containing symmetrical and unsymmetrical azines.’



/ˈazēn/ /ˈæzin/ /ˈāˌzēn/ /ˈeɪˌzin/


Late 19th century from azo-+ -ine.