Definition of azobenzene in English:



  • A synthetic crystalline organic compound used chiefly in dye manufacture.

    Chemical formula: (C₆H₅)NN(C₆H₅)

    ‘Similar picosecond time constants and spectral signatures have been observed for the cooling of a number of dye molecules including azobenzene.’
    • ‘Ampb peptides are a new class of molecules where the photoisomerizable dye azobenzene is linked to the peptide moiety via a flexible methylene spacer.’
    • ‘The majority of quantitative reports have involved azobenzene, styryl or thioindigo structures, which undergo a cis-trans isomerization when photolyzed.’
    • ‘In general, the isomerization occurs somewhat slower and exhibits a more disperse temporal behavior than for azobenzene.’
    • ‘The ultrafast photodynamics of azobenzene were investigated in numerous experimental and theoretical studies.’



/ˌāzōˈbenzēn/ /ˌeɪzoʊˈbɛnzin/ /ˌazōˈbenzēn/ /ˌæzoʊˈbɛnzin/