Definition of azoospermic in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈspərmik/



See azoospermia

‘The type of chromosomal aberrations detected in the azoospermic and oligozoospermic men are given in Table I.’
  • ‘Constitutional chromosome abnormalities were identified in 14.3 per cent of azoospermic and 6.5 per cent of oligozoospermic men, with an overall rate of 10.2 per cent.’
  • ‘To determine if ejaculatory duct obstruction exists, transrectal ultrasonography is indicated in patients who are azoospermic with palpable vasa and low ejaculate volumes.’
  • ‘In azoospermic men sperm can be retrieved surgically from the epididymis (percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration) or from the testis itself (testicular sperm aspiration or extraction).’
  • ‘Pericentric inversion of chromosome 9 was seen in one azoospermic patient.’