Definition of Azores High in English:

Azores High


  • A semipermanent area of high pressure located over the Azores in winter and early spring.

    Compare with Bermuda High

    ‘Between 16 June and 24 July, the Azores High extended 5 times into the Gulf of Biscay and over France.’
    • ‘The Hawaiian and Azores High intensify and expand northward into their relative ocean basins.’
    • ‘A stronger Azores High will cause stronger trade wind flow and more upwelling off of the Northwest African coast.’
    • ‘Well, this year Azores High doesn't seem to be extending as far up north as is needed to give us better weather.’
    • ‘Around mid-May the Azores High gradually becomes more dominant and the Euro-Asian High loses its influence, resulting in very stable weather.’