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Pronunciation /ˈaZHər/ /ˈæʒər/

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  • 1Bright blue in color like a cloudless sky.

    ‘white beaches surrounded by azure seas’
    • ‘Souvenirs of miniature trains from the Rail Museum have been placed in the inner edges of these walls behind a bright azure blue background.’
    • ‘Her eyes glistened as she looked out over the blue Pacific waters as the horizon touched a cloudless azure blue sky.’
    • ‘You could, of course, try and land your own dinner with a jolly crew on board one of the hire craft that dance across the azure blue seas.’
    • ‘Then the next guy will come along and tell me the sky is azure blue, I'll say, ‘No, no, that's royal blue.’’
    • ‘From here you can look north to some of the finest coastal scenery in Britain with islands, white sands and azure blue seas - a view rivalling much more exotic destinations.’
    • ‘He lived in a house on the beach and fell in love with Grenada's azure blue seas and white sand beaches.’
    • ‘All the man saw was a bright azure sky, bright white clouds moving about like sea lions chasing one another, and a bright shining sun that warmed his face.’
    • ‘The balconies overlooked the Whitsunday passage, but if you could wrest your gaze from the azure blue reef you were treated to a birdseye view of the hotel spa.’
    • ‘Quiet, timeless little villages are dotted along the coast, palms bending out over a bright azure sea.’
    • ‘Each bend in the road reveals yet another breathtaking panorama of the Dinara Mountains that sweep down to the Adriatic, a deep cobalt sea under an azure sky.’
    • ‘They were looking out onto a seemingly unending expanse of perfectly blue ocean beneath a cloudless azure sky.’
    • ‘It was a beautiful setting, with calm blue sea, azure skies, brown sailed dhows skimming past us, and it was also very hot.’
    • ‘There isn't a single cloud in the azure blue sky.’
    • ‘This territory has lush green hills, azure blue skies and spectacular beaches where the loudest noise you will hear is the sound of a coconut dropping to soft white sands.’
    • ‘Endless azure blue skies filled our eyes whenever we stepped out with fluffy white clouds splattered here and there.’
    • ‘When she stepped outside, she saw that the sun was smiling cheerfully in an azure blue sky dotted with puffy little clouds.’
    • ‘It started a day of perfect beauty, light fresh winds and azure blue skies.’
    • ‘His eyes were azure blue and cold, very troubling.’
    • ‘Looking through the dresses, Lydia grinned as she found an azure blue, sleeveless, turtleneck dress.’
    • ‘It showed off an azure jewel, encased in silver.’
    sky blue, deep blue, bright blue, blue, ultramarine
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    1. 1.1Heraldry Blue.
      postpositive ‘a saltire azure’
      • ‘The original flag design, based upon the Ancient Arms of Nova Scotia, granted by King Charles I in 1625, is on a ground of silver with a saltire azure - a blue St. Andrew's cross.’
      • ‘A huge human foot d'or, in a field azure; the foot crushes a serpent rampant whose fangs are imbedded in the heel.’
      • ‘They both had the same device upon the surcoats; it was a Virgin Mary embroidered on a field azure.’


  • 1A bright blue color.

    ‘a flash of azure drew my eye to a kingfisher’
    • ‘the azure of the sky’
    • ‘Through the use of bright colours such as azure, burgundy, rose, orange, pink and yellow, the artist has lent life to the subject.’
    • ‘The bright green, azure and blue pointed to the presence of copper.’
    • ‘Ten minutes were there of silence as blood seeped slowly out of Claud's chest, twisting the bright scarlet into deep azure.’
    • ‘The tall spire of the Town Hall and its contrasting colours of azure and white stood majestically between a glorious suffusion of greenery.’
    • ‘The sky was a bright, cloudless azure, and the sun was pinned high and motionless and brilliant upon its zenith.’
    • ‘Quick streamers of ice caught three, but the remainder thundered into the barrier of bright azure and burst into searing flares of light and heat.’
    • ‘Her long black locks whip around her, giving her a wild, desperate look, yet her eyes, a crystal blue azure, reflect the strength and determination of her mind.’
    • ‘Adopted from Spain, they were modified by the Portuguese, who added a variety of colors, most notably the blue, or azure, from which they get their name.’
    • ‘Of all the colours in the world, why would you choose azure?’
    • ‘The orbs consisted of many hues of azure, as if constructed of countless shards of sapphire glass.’
    • ‘Shining dragon eggs dotted the valley; all tinted with hues of gold, argent, azure, and green.’
    • ‘Ah yes, there he was, in his dashing shade of azure, heightened by his tan, winking from the wall.’
    • ‘The sky overhead was a bright azure, devoid of any clouds.’
    • ‘The floor was carpeted, again, in a light shade of azure, which added to the misty tint in the hall.’
    • ‘New colours jump vibrantly from the concrete walls freshly painted with pastels, earth tones and flamboyant azure.’
    • ‘The temperature was 26 degrees, the sky an azure blue.’
    • ‘The sky was an azure blue, extending over New York skyscrapers in the distance, and the water below and beyond was a murky, deep green.’
    • ‘This combination dramatized the only bright color: a vivid azure blue.’
    • ‘On their way back up the canyon they had stopped on a 6m shelf and watched other divers below them silhouetted against the intense azure blue of the open sea, or the cloudy green of the lagoon.’
    • ‘The sky was a beautiful azure blue, without a cloud in the sky.’
    1. 1.1literary The clear sky.
      • ‘It is the same souls that quiver, the same passions that ferment, the same vices that grow, the same straining toward the azure.’
  • 2A small butterfly that is typically blue or purplish, with color differences between the sexes.

    Celastrina and other genera, family Lycaenidae

    ‘Tiny blue azures alight in the grass, and cabbage whites hover over the vegetable patch.’
    • ‘Azures have a slow, fluttering flight and are often one of the first butterflies encountered when the first warm weather of spring arrives.’
    • ‘I was surprised to see tiny spring azures fluttering in one of the large fields; somehow I had the idea that they only appeared early in the year.’


Middle English (denoting a blue dye): from Old French asur, azur, from medieval Latin azzurum, azolum, from Arabic al ‘the’ + lāzaward (from Persian lāžward ‘lapis lazuli’).