Definition of Babbittry in English:


Pronunciation /-trē/


dated North American

See Babbitt

‘Lewis was already at work on Babbitt when he and Gracie traveled around England in 1921, and he prophesied, correctly, that ‘two years from now we'll have them talking of Babbittry.’’
  • ‘I had always rejected the suburban ideal of the carefully clipped and methodically poisoned greensward, with its connotations of Babbittry and mundane middle-class aesthetics.’
  • ‘Franklin's concentration on civic well-being and societies for mutual benefit have earned him a reputation for boosterism and Babbittry.’
  • ‘The local Congressman is an embodiment of this narcissistic style, and of the sort of Babbittry that accompanies it.’
  • ‘Some emphasize the civil rights revolution of the 1960s; others the bulldozer revolution of the 1950s; still others the Chamber of Commerce Babbittry of the 1920s.’