Definition of babelicious in English:



  • Very sexually attractive (typically used of a woman).

    • ‘He leaned in closer, and so did the others, ‘You know that babelicious babe of a babe Betthany Dennis?’’
    • ‘Sheen took the babelicious Denise Richards off the market when the two got hitched this weekend.’
    • ‘If she's that babelicious inside and out, then surely she's the belle of the ball to begin with.’
    • ‘Beauty and looks may well be skin deep, but in this game, the coolest dudes and babelicious babes get the highest rankings.’
    • ‘Mac Swift offers up some advice as well as a description of his ideal woman - ‘a fine babelicious Maxim-Con girl who thinks Jack Chick is the best thing since sliced bread.’’
    • ‘Oh, and guys - Saffron Borrows is rampantly babelicious, and Kate Winslet is also pretty darn cute.’
    • ‘A few years later that softness started affecting the plots as well, when the assistant D.A.'s sidekick was replaced with a series of babelicious young women.’
    • ‘You'll find him featuring as a character in a story all about the most babelicious action heroine of all: Tomb Raider's luscious Lara Croft.’
    • ‘What could be better than piano lessons from a babelicious pianist?’
    • ‘Scarcely a minute goes by where someone isn't remarking upon Angie's lack of beauty or showing a guy running roughshod over her to get to a presumably more babelicious gal.’
    • ‘And some people, look like incredible, dressed-like-Lara-Croft-only-with-chains-on semi-naked babelicious freaks.’
    • ‘Among the two-legged non-freaks ranged against this hellish horde is the female sheriff, Sam Parker, a babelicious single mom played by Kari Wuhrer.’
    • ‘These babelicious beauties have no problem looking hot.’
    • ‘And then do something different, that you and your bad intellectual babelicious self wouldn't have done before.’
    • ‘In the show, a babelicious young stockbroker named Hayley is asked to choose a lover from a group of 20 masked suitors.’
    • ‘She grows up to become Jessica Alba, as babelicious as it's possible to be with the right lighting and hair the softer shade of summer.’
    • ‘Isn't this sort of Silence Of The Lambs, with a more babelicious member of the FBI?’
    gorgeous, stunning, wonderful, exquisite, lovely, magnificent, dazzling, amazing, radiant, delightful, charming, enchanting, entrancing, captivating, bewitching



/ˌbābəˈliSHəs/ /ˌbeɪbəˈlɪʃəs/


1991 (as babalicious coined in the film Wayne's World, from babe + -licious.