Definition of babesiosis in English:


(also babesiasis)

Pronunciation /bəˌbēzēˈōsəs/ /bəˌbiziˈoʊsəs/


  • A disease of cattle and other livestock, transmitted by the bite of ticks. It affects the red blood cells and causes the passing of red or blackish urine.

    Also called piroplasmosis

    This is caused by protozoans of the genus Babesia, phylum Sporozoa

    ‘Southern cattle had acquired immunity to bovine babesiosis - the disease transmitted by these ticks.’
    • ‘Tick-borne diseases in the United States include Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, tularemia, babesiosis, Colorado tick fever, and relapsing fever.’
    • ‘For example, I. scapularis may transmit ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease, and babesiosis.’
    • ‘The number of symptoms and duration of illness in patients with concurrent Lyme disease and babesiosis are greater than in patients with either infection alone.’
    • ‘Babesiasis is usually transmitted by tick bites although there is some non-tick transmission.’


Early 20th century from modern Latin Babesia, from the name Victor Babès (1854–1926), Romanian bacteriologist.