Definition of Baby Bell in English:

Baby Bell


informal, historical
  • A nickname for any of the phone companies created in 1984 from the breakup of the telecommunications company AT&T, which was nicknamed “Ma Bell.”.

    • ‘As if the Big Three telecom companies didn't have enough to worry about, now there are some Baby Bells on steroids to watch.’
    • ‘He spent the early 1990s as the London-based chief of international operations for U S West, a Baby Bell now owned by Qwest.’
    • ‘SBC, obviously, is a Baby Bell - so they're going to view it differently.’
    • ‘Verizon doesn't want to be bested by Qwest, an upstart fiber jockey that once dared to buy a Baby Bell.’
    • ‘The talks, which the executives described as ‘fluid’ and ‘very, very sensitive’ would unite SBC, a Baby Bell with some 50 million local-line customers, with AT&T, its much-diminished former parent.’