Definition of baby bottle in English:

baby bottle


  • A bottle fitted with a nipple for giving milk and other drinks to babies and very young children.

    ‘the 10-month-old clung onto his baby bottle’
    • ‘Don't use the microwave for deep-frying, canning, or heating baby bottles.’
    • ‘Clear plastics, including baby bottles, can leach an estrogen mimic into hot liquids.’
    • ‘They dropped by a shop while Elise bought some baby bottles and baby's milk powder.’
    • ‘There was no baby bottle, so the infant was fed by spoon.’
    • ‘They are simple messenger bag-type designs, with various pockets for diapers, wipes, and baby bottles.’
    • ‘The caregivers employ various behaviors that are usually reserved for babies, such as cuddling the child, wrapping the child in a blanket, or feeding the child using a baby bottle.’
    • ‘As well as used items, they have gone out and bought new things like baby bottles and clothing.’
    • ‘Don't use a baby bottle as a pacifier.’
    • ‘She was clutching a baby bottle that was tucked into a sweat sock to keep the milk warm.’
    • ‘Caroline had a baby bottle left from when Nathan was little so we fed him some milk.’