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baby buster

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informal mainly North American

See baby bust

‘At least superficially at first, the baby busters looked similar in terms of attitude to Coupland's ‘Generation X’: they had a ‘slacker’ reputation, and they seemed disaffected and cynical.’
  • ‘The next generation of middle-aged people - the baby busters - are going to be involved in nursing-home management and in other things that won't feed as much back into economic growth.’
  • ‘He insists that the generations that are most vital to church growth, the midlife baby boomers and the baby busters (born after 1964), do not want to be reverent or quiet during worship.’
  • ‘According to a 1999 study, ‘baby busters’ are more likely to attend church on a given Sunday than their parents - 42 percent to 34 percent.’
  • ‘Of course, new labour force entrants over the immediate postwar period consisted of Depression/wartime baby busters.’