Definition of baby corn in English:

baby corn


  • Individual cobs of corn that have been harvested when very small and immature, eaten as a vegetable.

    ‘Granted, baby corn is a specialty item best to dress up a farmers' market display or a fancy salad bar.’
    • ‘The soup was extremely salty and filled with tofu, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, baby corn, and carrots.’
    • ‘His mouth opened in astonishment as he saw her raise on a cocktail toothpick a piece of baby corn.’
    • ‘The farmers grew a mixture of export crops including mange tout peas, sugar snap peas and baby corn.’
    • ‘Cool and mix with broccoli, asparagus, baby corn, thinly sliced red capsicum, thinly sliced water chestnuts and shallots.’
    • ‘But the alternating of water falling from the sky and hot sunshine has been great for my baby corn.’
    • ‘All dishes were served with a simple, but perfectly-cooked selection of veggies: buttered new potatoes, mange tout, carrots and baby corn.’
    • ‘Baby corn can be grown fairly easily without chemicals.’
    • ‘He said the five products included baby carrot, baby squash, baby corn, baby marrow and asparagus.’
    • ‘Here, wrapped in plastic, are small clusters of perfect baby corn and mange tout from plantations in Kenya.’
    • ‘Also good were spinach noodles tossed with baby corn, scallions and snow peas.’
    • ‘They offer dishes like butter baby corn, American baby corn masala, and the seasonal mango corn mix.’
    • ‘The water chestnuts went with the baby corn and straw mushrooms very well, and the cream cut the chilli heat to perfection.’
    • ‘This came on a sizzling platter with carrots, cauliflower, baby corn and asparagus spears.’
    • ‘The proposed land comprising 50 hectares is situated 12 km from the Waterfalls farm and was to be used for the production of coffee, paprika, baby corn and peas.’
    • ‘The choices included tasty macaroni salad, a rice salad dressed with olive oil, baby corn, pickled beets and some chopped, crisp romaine.’
    • ‘The Thai vegetables with peanut sauce came in a little bowl containing baby corn, mushrooms, bamboo, and other veggies including, I think, fresh fig.’
    • ‘These pizzas filled with juicy tomatoes, olives, baby corn and crunchy capsicum are topped with mushrooms, crispy onions and melting cheese to give that tingling taste.’
    • ‘It has brought in drip-irrigation technology to the drought-prone region to grow baby corn, gherkins, tomatoes, paprika and other vegetables over an area of 80 hectares.’
    • ‘In the vegetarian section, there is tender corn, baby corn, panneer, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, green peas, phool makhana, mushrooms, potatoes, vegetable koftas and more to choose from.’