Definition of baby daddy in English:

baby daddy

nounplural noun baby daddies

  • The father of one or more of a woman's children, especially one who is not her husband or current partner.

    • ‘she doesn't feel the pressure to wed her baby daddy’
    • ‘She is the stereotypical poor little rich girl who is forever lusting after her bad boy baby daddy.’
    • ‘I got mad at my sister, too, until I saw how great her kids are and how wonderful a mother she is (oh, and she's married to the baby daddy now).’
    • ‘She isn't happy, who could blame her, with the baby daddy apparently not interested.’
    • ‘Get your custody agreements done now because we ALL know the baby daddy won't be in the picture for long.’
    • ‘Wouldn't be surprised of the baby daddy is a married man.’
    • ‘I'm sure he's the baby daddy to many kids out there, he just doesn't know it yet.’
    • ‘The reality star isn't happy about her baby daddy's recent antics.’
    • ‘Who is the baby daddy and where the hell is her other son?’
    • ‘Just who is the baby daddy?’
    • ‘I wonder how many baby daddies she is going to collect in her lifetime!’