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baby face

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  • 1A smooth round face like a baby's.

    ‘In Gangs of New York Leonardo DiCaprio was blown out of the water - already cursed with a baby face the actor's very style came across as immature against the masterful performance of Day-Lewis.’
    • ‘He's small and physically childlike for his age - he looks half the size of Sue, his miserable sort-of girlfriend; there's a slight moustache on his baby face he hasn't yet bothered to shave off.’
    • ‘He still has that baby face that makes him look like Curious George on steroids, but here he turns it into an effective poker face.’
    • ‘His round, baby face has something of the abstraction of a tribal mask.’
    • ‘His scruffy beard and ever-present American Spirit cigarette can't quite conceal his baby face.’
    • ‘At the far end, here is a chubby kid with a baby face, who possibly has Tourette's.’
    • ‘A few seconds later, a big ‘copper’, played by a heavy-set waiter with one of the smiling baby faces, stormed into the restaurant.’
    • ‘Even though we should know better, we tend to assume that strangers with baby faces - wide eyes, full lips, soft brow - are trustworthy, if naive.’
    • ‘What I meant is Erika usually doesn't go for the guys that are sensitive and have baby faces, she goes for the bad boys and that is why I was surprised when she said that she liked you.’
    • ‘Back in his early days on the b-list, Spacey was a hard working actor who excelled at characters with baby faces and dark hearts.’
    • ‘I think he's a moderately talented Dave Matthews knockoff who relies on his baby face and oh-so-sensitive balladry to appeal to the screaming-teenage-girl audience.’
    • ‘She had a little baby face but over the last year and-a-half, the time I knew her which will last in my mind for eternity, she had grown up into the most beautiful person I've ever known, both inside and out.’
    • ‘But, o, even in such glorious times as these I am reminded of my home; of the sky there, blocked by no tall buildings, and of Anna's sweet baby face.’
    • ‘I asked, smiling down at the innocent baby face.’
    • ‘She looked down, tears steaming down her baby face.’
    • ‘She had shoulder length, wavy hair and a baby face.’
    • ‘At 48, he has a barely gray-streaked dark beard and a barely gray-streaked mop of dark hair - and in the middle a pink baby face.’
    • ‘He displays a couple days' stubble on his baby face, along with those arched, guileless eyebrows, which seem to certify everything he says.’
    • ‘He still has that same baby face with those dimples.’
    • ‘It makes look more grown up, if nothing else, which is probably the best part, considering a baby face and lack of height cause me to look about twelve at times.’
    1. 1.1(in professional wrestling) a wrestler who adopts a likeable or sympathetic persona in the ring.
      • ‘an essential component of having a top babyface is for fans to feel compassion for them’


baby face

/ˈbābē ˌfās/ /ˈbeɪbi ˌfeɪs/