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baby grand

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  • The smallest size of grand piano, about 4.5 feet (1.5 m) long.

    ‘The play, about piano tuners and a Steinway baby grand, is an absurd piece [hopefully] in the vein of Ionesco.’
    • ‘Still in 1910, 139,000 teachers were teaching Americans how to play on parlor pianos, uprights, baby grands and grands.’
    • ‘These baby baby grands and tiny spinets produce three octaves from hammers hitting metal rods.’
    • ‘For those seeking a similar look, without the major investment, baby grands are available at prices ranging from $20,000 to $40,000.’
    • ‘They refurbished the original tin ceilings and wood floors of the space, and added French doors, as well as a separate chamber where a local teacher now gives lessons on a baby grand.’
    • ‘Mounted on the baby grand was an anodized-aluminum monstrosity of twisted ribbons of sheet metal, each of the strips tapering down to a thin wire from which dangled a replica of a tropical fish.’
    • ‘The launch of the baby grand will be held in St Patrick's College, Carlow in association with the Carlow Performing Arts Centre working group on Thursday, October 9 at 8pm.’
    • ‘Two years ago, the eccentric explorer John Blashford-Snell delivered a baby grand to a remote Amazonian tribe who'd had little contact with ‘civilisation’.’
    • ‘There is a bit of poetic licence there, but McGough really was at Paul McCartney's house in St John's Wood when he sat down at the baby grand and played ‘Hey Jude’ for the first time.’
    • ‘That woman was an accomplished pianist who spends her little leisure time playing Brahms on the baby grand given to her by her late parents.’
    • ‘‘I put in my prize money, and she got a baby grand,’ he recalls.’
    • ‘Gone is the mahogany baby grand, gone is the tastefulness.’
    • ‘I stood up slowly, taking the sheet music off the baby grand's music rack, and placing them first into their corresponding folder and then into my faithful shoulder bag.’
    • ‘A 35-year-old man is standing on a baby grand wearing a top hat made of playing cards and sporting a white silk scarf over his short-sleeved shirt.’
    • ‘But why not get moody first in the lounge where a slinky torch singer holds court over a baby grand a la Dietrich or Garland.’
    • ‘Stricken with polio at six, he lived in the only Brooklyn block with an elevator, in an apartment where a baby grand was the only decent piece of furniture.’
    • ‘Even though he may have played you like a baby grand, getting out of a relationship with a ladies' man is no easy proposition.’
    • ‘You told me once he taught you, on the baby grand in your living room.’
    • ‘My own KTV system, a baby grand, and hell, let's have a dance floor too, complete with DJ console.’
    • ‘The mother is next to the baby grand, the father next to the home theatre system, the brother next to his computer.’


baby grand

/ˌbābē ˈɡrand/ /ˌbeɪbi ˈɡrænd/