Definition of baby mama in English:

baby mama


(also baby mamma)
  • The mother of one or more of a man’s children, especially one who is not his wife or current partner.

    • ‘he and his baby mama have been broken up for years’
    • ‘Some people don't realize all the pressure and stress baby mamas go through.’
    • ‘I also thought about how so many men just abandon their baby mamas like cowards, scared to accept responsibility for their actions.’
    • ‘After my son was born and his father and I broke up, the media called me everything from a baby mama to a drama queen.’
    • ‘That's my baby mama, these are our children, and if it weren't for her, I wouldn't be who I am today.’
    • ‘Hope the show lasts a long time now that he has child support to pay to TWO baby mommas.’
    • ‘The family was in the tropical locale for Jack's wedding ceremony with his baby mama.’
    • ‘Having six children, two divorces, and a young baby mama represents a lifetime of responsibility and potential drama.’
    • ‘The photos brought up questions as to how many kids & baby mamas he actually has.’
    • ‘He has at least 4 baby mamas meaning 4 - 5 kids.’
    • ‘Now, she's just gonna be another of his baby mamas.’