Definition of baby pink in English:

baby pink


  • A pale shade of pink.

    ‘turquoise and baby pink are the new black this season’
    • ‘a baby pink turtleneck sweater’
    • ‘A few minutes later, they made their pick: a baby pink sweater set.’
    • ‘The charismatic frontman plays a sparkly silver keyboard and is wearing a baby pink tie.’
    • ‘I also like purple, red, and the occasional splash of baby pink.’
    • ‘So I now have a pink wedding dress and baby pink and cerise roses.’
    • ‘And I have to plant rain lilies here even if they are baby pink instead of peach.’
    • ‘Another jacket I found is this baby pink one.’
    • ‘So if your dress is baby pink, for example, you can only dye it darker pink or red.’
    • ‘White was combined with a rainbow of colours including lilac, baby pink, lemon, acid green and turquoise candy stripes.’
    • ‘I saw the most beautiful pair of baby pink sandals in the window of Manolo Blahnik the other day.’
    • ‘Despite the combination of baby pink shirt and baby blue tie, he didn't come out of it the cuddliest of people.’
    • ‘In the "Ghost" paintings, Waterston primarily uses icy grays, baby pinks, pearlescent whites and blues, rusty reds and ochers.’
    • ‘Dressed in a smart dark suit and a softening baby blue and baby pink shirt and tie combo, he strode up onto the stage for what was, amazingly, his first ever conference speech.’
    • ‘Finally with the rugged plastic housing coming in an exhilarating range of colours including cough lozenge purple, baby pink and technical black, there is choice for every diver.’
    • ‘During the interview she was wearing an original garment made by herself, a baby pink tank with Bandit embroidered on the front and Queen on the back.’
    • ‘The notebooks, pens, folders, and pencil cases were all glossy, nicely designed, and in a teenage-friendly palette of baby pinks and blues.’
    • ‘"Aqua and red were the most popular colors this past season and pale greens, lilacs and soft baby pinks are currently popular."’
    • ‘A few streaks of teal, lavender, or baby pink framing the face or peeking out from the underside of the head looks cool - not kooky.’
    • ‘The actor looked handsome in a pearl white suit with a baby pink shirt.’
    • ‘Baby pink is always very cute, and the stronger pink is gorgeous in a pot by the water.’
    • ‘There were references to the fifties, too, via short, tight angora sweaters in baby pink sprinkled with large white polka dots.’