Definition of baby powder in English:

baby powder


  • A preparation of scented talcum powder or corn starch for use on babies' skin.

    ‘a changing table equipped with baby powder and baby wipes’
    • ‘Dust the pink area around the liner with baby powder.’
    • ‘Many bowlers use these shoe products, or baby powder, to help them release the ball easier.’
    • ‘Make your own facial powder by combining mashed inexpensive compact powder with twice as much baby powder.’
    • ‘Towel off, and shake on baby powder to absorb wetness.’
    • ‘Sprinkle baby powder on your scalp, massage it in, then brush it out.’
    • ‘After your shower/bath get some baby powder or scented lotion and rub it all over your body.’
    • ‘Use baby powder underneath your make-up if your skin is greasy.’
    • ‘He got a pair of baby slippers, nappies, baby powder, milk bottles and a baby pram.’
    • ‘To see if you're hitting the ball on the sweet spot, sprinkle baby powder on the clubface before hitting a shot.’
    • ‘My mother put baby powder in my hair so I smelled like a fresh diaper.’