Definition of baby step in English:

baby step


  • A tentative act or measure which is the first stage in a long or challenging process.

    ‘the country is just taking its first baby steps toward the future’
    • ‘We do inch forward, except little baby step by baby step.’
    • ‘The Long Island Neighborhood Network, an environmental group, considers the county measure "a baby step."’
    • ‘Violent crime has often overshadowed the city's baby steps toward recovery.’
    • ‘My suggestion for Harris would be to take baby steps.’
    • ‘We've always really tried to take baby steps.’
    • ‘The operation sent him back to taking baby steps.’
    • ‘The best way to start is to make small, achievable goals; take baby steps.’
    • ‘Walking with 160,000 fans on the highway, you can only take baby steps.’
    • ‘The message we're trying to get to the politicians is don't move in baby steps.’
    • ‘The pair walked us through their creative process, from baby steps to all-out dance moves.’
    • ‘Be sure the goals are realistic (think baby steps rather than overnight success).’
    • ‘In 1992, environmental history remained an immature discipline, still taking baby steps toward a comprehensive approach to the field.’
    • ‘Sometimes, great change does not necessarily take place - baby steps are the best we can do.’
    • ‘All day we were taking baby steps, baby steps.’
    • ‘Certainly they have taken a baby step in the right direction by including the director's feature.’
    • ‘Just like these wounded veterans of wars past, the country itself is just taking its first baby steps towards the future.’
    • ‘It is true the state has taken some baby steps in the right direction in the last several years.’
    • ‘Already, we can detect baby steps in this direction.’
    • ‘Get over the fear by taking baby steps.’
    • ‘The era of downloadable major motion pictures is nearing, but the biggest players are taking baby steps.’