Definition of baby tooth in English:

baby tooth


another term for milk tooth
‘Most kids stop grinding when they lose their baby teeth because permanent teeth are much more sensitive to pain.’
  • ‘Injuries to both baby teeth and permanent teeth should be treated by a dentist.’
  • ‘The roots of the baby tooth dissolve and the tooth becomes loose and falls out.’
  • ‘A calf, like a human child, has baby teeth (or ‘milk teeth’) that loosen and fall out.’
  • ‘Children start to lose their primary teeth, or baby teeth, at about 6 years old.’
  • ‘Between ages 101/2 and 12, children lose their remaining baby teeth, then permanent teeth appear.’
  • ‘Children need healthy baby teeth to chew food, speak, and to help permanent teeth grow in correctly.’
  • ‘Take your child for a first dental visit within six months of the first baby tooth and by no later than the first birthday.’
  • ‘As Shi recounts, it happened one evening when his then-six-year-old daughter, Julia, asked for help in pulling out a loose baby tooth.’
  • ‘I'm a big advocate of taking the child to the dentist shortly after the eruption of the first few baby teeth or certainly by the age of 1.’
  • ‘Children should get regular checkups after age 3 or when all 20 baby teeth have come in.’
  • ‘Problems can also be caused by accidents or losing baby teeth too early.’
  • ‘The researchers were able to isolate the stem cells from the baby teeth of children seven to eight years of age.’
  • ‘As soon as the first baby teeth begin to appear you should start to clean them.’
  • ‘We see an awful lot of decay in baby teeth and in adult teeth as they come through.’
  • ‘Decayed baby teeth can pass bacteria to permanent teeth.’
  • ‘My son knows, though, that he made no special effort to lose his front tooth, and that everyone will eventually lose those baby teeth.’
  • ‘After losing our baby teeth as children, we get our adult teeth, and we're stuck with them for better or for worse.’
  • ‘She had two teeth everywhere because none of her baby teeth were coming out and she was really having difficulty, the poor thing.’
  • ‘She grew a full set of baby teeth, lost them and grew a set of adult teeth in all that time.’


baby tooth

/ˈbābē to͞oTH/ /ˈbeɪbi tuθ/